Thursday, March 14, 2013

The day that hope died

The earth's a barren wasteland,
The rivers have now run dry,
Creatures of every concievable sin,
Roam the scarlet sky,
The little drops of yellow rain,
The tiny old woman cried,
Scorned the worn out souls of good,
The day that hope died.

The cruel jabs of fortitude,
Attack the lights of now,
The evil laugh of destruction,
Are the sweat in the workman's brow,
The putrid smells of silence,
When the last honest man lied,
The world we knew just melt away,
The day that hope died...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fleeting love

Morning sunshine
The clink of a cup
Hot tea with no milk
Entwined in smoke
Raging embers
And conversation
Out on the balcony
With fair contemplation

Twisted commonality
Gifted pain
A pause in the regular
Seemingly insane
Endlessly gasping
For a dollop of air
Fleeting love
Just seems unfair

Holding on to the times
Of fantasy like none before
Of fascination
Of a different kind of love
A touch of excitement
A look of fervor
Drops of lust
As we get in the shower

Bathed in sunshine
Lost in time
Spent together
With no cause in mind
Breathing deep
In the fragrant last night
Waiting for the next
In evening light

Holding on
As time slips away
To inevitable reality
To another today
The pieces move interchangeably
While the heart's frozen in time
A longing remains
And a love sublime !!