Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second Choice

Right to left, left to right
On the threshold of another life
Glitter and glamour, on your right
Forbidden fruit on the other side

Safe the road, that goes her way
Goodness, fairness all have their say
No questions asked, come what may
The forbidden fruit's for another day

Indecisive, perhaps too far down
Choices of the two propound
Theories and stories around
All today, tomorrow bound

Dots and dashes to let it be
Flow with the current, constantly
Creepy "what ifs", why should you see
Coz it's no one but silly me

All is well, and yet not fine
We have both moved on in time
We must both now tow the line
A major change in what was mine

There in the wild there is a noise
And echoes there yesterday's voice
In that wild you had to choose
And I was the second choice

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snapshots of life - 3

This photograph was taken at Panhala fort. We wanted to capture the ethereal blend of the ancient fort and the pure white moonlight. This picture(a personal favorite) was clicked without flash using ISO settings. It somehow reminds me of Alladin's genie. The astute jinn revealing the secrets of the universe to a curious mortal while the moon lights up their existance.
Dark Silhouettes in the beautiful, soft moonlight, the cold stone walls resonating stories of the thousands of yesterdays- of kings and wars, the sagacious speaker and the devoted listener....

Picture Courtesy: Akshay