Sunday, April 25, 2010

From the dead of the night

Kill me
Take my life
It was always yours anyways
Smear my blood
To calm that ego
Till the end of your days
Never revisits
Let me be the one that pays
Give up this life
To the sham of love
Than suffer in its haze
Scatter my pieces
To the ends of the world
I've lost me in todays
Live on, dream on
And love all of it
So my broken mind prays...

Friday, April 16, 2010


[ This is another one of those office cubicle inspired rhymes. The only difference is that it was inspired by someone else's office cubicle rhymes. Thanks for the inspiration biks, but I am sure you'd agree that there are better things that inspire creativity!]

Seriously...why don't we have the "rewind" button
There was so much to be said, so much to be done
The laughing moments that swept us away
The paranoia of the submissions the next day
The cacophony over steaming hot cups of tea
Looking for the time when we'd finally break free

We're free now, all the money we'd ever need
But the joy of spending the 5 doesn't equal the spending 50
Our melting plastic coffee cups, half wet in the pouring rain
Never matches up to the coffee, our pet machine makes
What it was, when it was, was great while it was
But ever so often, I wish God's "replay" button was ours!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Destiny revisits

There i see me
You could break me with a breath
And u almost did
Yesterday, when i was almost yours
Oh how i tried, and then i ran
Scurried away, a fervent escape
Clung on to hopes, dreams, beliefs
And found myslf
And today Destiny has found me
Oh how she mocks me
Yet again alone, fresh tears
Staining my skin
What went wrong, the heart or the head?
You lash out in fury
And the resistance breaks
I see no end..
Even though you are not he and he not you
There is no respite
She has come with him this time
And the scythe shines
In the sinking evening light.....