Thursday, March 22, 2012

The typical Nerd

I’ve been a thousand places and seen a million things,

I’ve met a hundred people, done a dozen crazy things

I’ve tried to mask my past fallacies, with a miracle load of shallow,

Tried to hide the things I know, just to go with the flow,

I’m sure no one’s tried so hard to be a part of the herd,

Times have changed but I still remain, the typical nerd.

I’ve spent so long in the dowdy recesses, where “that” kind of humans go,

I’ve spent a lot of effort in doing things I know were wrong,

I’ve let the others mould me into what they thought was cool,

And ended up just figuring out, that I was the only fool,

I’ve tried to understand me, why I need to be part of the herd,

But, times have changed and I still remain, the typical nerd.

In my journeys I’ve learnt so many things, in the geeky sort of way,

Felt the mountain winds rush through my bones, watched the hermit crabs play,

Up on stage in front of hundreds, I’ve held my head high,

I’ve spent so many hours, deciphering the sky,

After this I saw reason, how I was different from the herd,

Times may change, and though I’ve tried, I’m the typical nerd.

I’m the artsy sort of fellow, who sees beauty in the sea,

And now I’ve come to realize, this is what I want to be,

I want to know just why things are going right or wrong,

And I can ponder through a million things, in the length of a pretty song,

I have happily given up by now, trying to be part of the herd,

Times have changed and I love being, the typical nerd !