Friday, July 20, 2007

The Case Of The Blasphemy Of Rockers

Heyy !!!! So here I am again. Told you guys earlier that UPDATE was gonna be the real …(n I mean REAL) problem for ahem..both of Us. Looks like She did some updating here..( sorry for that senti poem guys….don’t think that’s actually me.. though I’m not sure... naaah…besides I don’t think there’s place for another one in this blog [:P]…)
All you Rockers out there, this one’s for Ya’ll( This IS more in ma league..) So I’m not gonna go in the details of what Rock’s all about ( Yeah…if you’ve even got the IQ of a 2 yr old you’ll probably know a lil about what it is). Here in India, the Rock rage is just about catching on. Since India is a land of traditions and conforming with social rules, Rock which was always been the mouthpiece of rebellion, is slowly becoming a huge favorite of the youth who want to break away from any chains binding them.( Ya n besides all those “socio..rubbisho” philosophies it’s darned good music which has lyrics to think on and sounds to completely blow your mind.)
I don’t claim to have loads of knowledge on this subject, but I believe that rock started originating from the time Bob Dylan started penning his liberal and rebellious thoughts on paper. And I also truly believe that Rock is all about being who you are and doing what you like without giving a damn about who says what. Ya so I like parties and people..( Ya …alright but I don’t )…maybe you like to smoke.. maybe she don’t….(no questions asked …no shit said.)
But heyyy… What do we have now.. “Dude( remember how that dumb guy in that movie said it..picture that now), I’m a rocker .. I have to smoke like an oil tanker on fire.. drink like my stomach is a toilet bowl and do them weed, speed …n whatever ”( Well and then I hope he goes n throws up on his bloody guitar..some rocker)
Ya .. some rocker… a lot of the guys I know would just start smoking, doing dope n all because they like the music and want to get into the clique(which is uber cool if it’s the right peeps) . And the rest of them don’t even like the music. It’s like if you gotta be a rocker you gotta do this man.. So what happened to doing what you want to do?
Go anywhere around town and the number of Nirvana T-shirts I see makes me wanna never look at Cobain’s face again in my life. C’mon you don’t have to wear an Iron Maiden T shirt to prove you’re a rock fan. And guys death metal in my opinion is just clanging vessels and a wolf trying to make itself audible from over all that.( You may like it…. but don’t just pretend coz that joker next to told you it’s “in” ..get a life)
I went for the Campus Rock Idols (CRI) competition, of the Pune leg in Feb (they might as well have called it the Campus Growl Idols coz that’s all most of the bands did… the only Rock show I felt like running away from.. {makes a face}).. It gave me a headache. And no one really had any stage presence. They were just trying to ape other better known bands.. ( But people people people… there is a HUGE difference in a fake n the real thing n we ain’t no idiots)
(Gimme a break people stop being wannabes). Another rather amusing aspect is their literary developments( Soon the Ivy league will start granting them PhDs in poetry). They turn poets overnight ( Y'Know rockers are also supposed to be poets…duh{smirks}). Their poems are only about flesh n blood( now don’t you go n think this straight outta the bible… this is the real thing) and biting heads off till blood drips, and I don’t what other gore(..just as long as you keep the blood comin) though they can’t make a correct sentence to save their life.
Really all you so called Rockers out there you really would be way cooler if you stop trying too hard. And think about the Music man(“ Ya like Jack Black said in the move` Rock ain’t about getting loaded and acting like a jerk….’ Although you may do it once in a while but only if you want to – not the wannnabe standing next to you”) In the End it’s gonna be the Music that will set you free.
So until next time … rock on…(..Ta)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


When you look at her you see,
A pretty laughing face
She is but an epitome of pain
When she is in her space

What you see is an ideal girl
Who’s loyal to her kin
While there she suffocates in silence
Digging those manicured nails into her skin

You see her with her blue-eyed boy
A picture of perfection
While her heart longs for so desperately
For that dark, unachievable man

With dreams in her heart she started out
Dreams that have faded to dust
Now she lives in the memories of a make-believe world
Battling an insanity that forever shall last..