Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Fighter

You think she is weak, but that's okay,
You will go through tomorrow, what she went through today,
The rough consequences of you going away,
Will come back and kill you, when she goes astray.

She will be a fighter all through the way,
The one that fought to keep you, sure knows how to play,
She knows you're not wrong, but she'll know come what may,
If you're not fighting to keep her yet another day.

She fill your life with warmth like sunny Sunday,
She will hold you and love you and beg you to stay,
But don't leave her alone for a minute, I pray,
'Coz she will leave you forever, and then make you pay.

No one in the universe can give you so much,
And make you thank your stars with every tiny touch,
You will know quite easy, when it's falling apart,
And nothing you'll do will fill the void in your heart. 

Dream forevermore

Let me dream, let me dream,
Dream of a land, so far away,
Of a land where you and me
Shall forever together be.
Let me dream of our little world
Full of love and honesty
Imperfect it just may get
For us to mould and make perfect
Frolicking through games of the heart,
Arguing but never apart,
Enriched by sojourns in broken lands
We'll build paradise with our own hands
Little products of our innocence,
Will play in gardens, oh so green!
Bringing smiles to heal our scars
That tortured us through all  these years
Thereby we shall so gracefully age
Turn quietly each unknown page
Till in each other's arms we rest
To reach another lifetime, another test
Yes i might a dreamer be,
But in this dream I want to live,
This dream shall always make me smile
Coz you alone make life worthwhile

The guy from yesterday

He's bold like the rebel from the 70s,
He's all prim and proper within,
He dazzles when the world's the audience,
He moves like original sin.

His words are enamel-coated,
Not a syllable out of place,
There isn't a style he can't pull off,
Not a situation he can't ace

All the pretty things line up
Each time he does his thing,
With the menacing grace of a Mustang,
He gets his way without the bling

He's passion brewed with self-confidence,
And just a hint of smooth,
He's every good thing from the past,
With a tiny sliver of rude

He'll make you go weak in the knees,
He'll always have his way,
He couldn't be more perfect if he tried,

My guy from yesterday.