Saturday, January 23, 2010

More a'musing's

Drops of blood,
Drops of pain,
Pouring crazy,
Freezing rain
Crimson shades of
Loving made
Left the doll
But living dead..


Knock a flock, knock a flock
And don't ever care,
Little girl's out in the street
Treating her hair
Come back to a quiet home
And you realize
The hair guy slit her throat
When you closed your eyes

Friday, January 8, 2010

A new blog's up

I guess blogging is an addiction. You have a blog and blah blah blah and the next day you want another one and then another. Whether you have the time to update them or you don't or whether it seems like something you wanna do or something you don't, when you feel like coming up with a new blog, you just do.
I guess I caved in yet again. This time it's a travel blog. I wanted to write it in a diary, but the temptation of putting it up online was too intense. So here it is, brand new and just two posts old, my new blog.
Comments as always are welcome from the few people who do bother to read this blog. So here goes..