Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The 50’s brought TV, the 60’s brought Vietnam, the 70s- cannabis, the 80s disco…la la la..the 90s brought the internet and mobile revolution and the 21st century brought forth BLOGS……(ok ok...try to keep things a little shorter without trying to go to Neanderthal )
I have been curious about this blogging phenomenon that has apparently helped obscure writers strike gold worldwide ( and helped some rather well known ones plunge into obscurity). After the initial opinion that it was some techies’ passing phase I realized that it was perhaps one of the best things to happen to people like me who have an addiction to writing ( addiction????... check into writer’s rehab).
The initial formalities completed ( more like hurdles actually... )I felt I should decide on what the subject matter of my first ever blog post should be…….(Pause)…well that took me a little time( ah yes..a month is of course little when you consider just how old the cosmos is…( becomes thoughtful) ) and some serious motivation and I realized that my initial post ought to be about the wonders ( read lamentations) of starting my blog.
My friends have a very high opinion of my linguistic prowess although the less amicable ones would agree that it is after all Too high an opinion. But yet appreciation always converts the most unyielding individuals to docile lovable creatures, who of course might commit the most heinous crimes ( looks like we’re reading too many murder mysteries… but She just started a damn blog)
So in a sense to appease them and to satisfy a nagging conscience ( read very close friend who said She was too lazy to put her considerable talents to use) I had to write.
Now writing has always been a passion and it definitely is something I would have wanted to make a career out of. But at the crucial juncture when I had to choose my destiny I chose ( hold your breath ladies and gentlemen) Engineering (ta da). We’ll let bygones be bygones. In spite of my grumblings and my total incapacity to do well in a beautiful( if wires and microchips are beautiful) field called Electronics and Telecommunication- my apologies to others from the same field, I share your pleasures and your pain- it has definitely honed my writing skills and my creativity. How? Well, somehow creativity just pounces on you, and if ignored shreds your peace of mind into tiny untraceable pieces, when you’re in the middle of your preparatory leave or PL as we fondly call it.
So on the certain occasions that I do give in to the temptations of writing a word or two; during the PL i.e. I can safely admit that it turns out pretty good. At other times, such as now, I have to ponder and ponder and yet the words rarely flow. Even if they do they turn out to be absolute gibberish ( again…such as now ;) )
Now ( hear hear), since I Have started this “damn blog” as She puts it ( that’s me THE LADY IN BRACKETS ) the real task would be to perhaps keep updating it. And considering the regular paucity of ideas in my head ( like water in drought struck areas) it is going to be some work…( for Her lazy hind side).
Good bye until next time, Au revoir and Ta Ta ( and from me... Birla….duh…)

Lasciate Ogni Speranza Voi Ch’ Entrant
[ Abandon all hope ye who enter here]
- Dante

And finally….I am here. There were others and there are others…but all in me. I bring to you the good and the evil, the happy and the sad, the hopeful and the cynic, the beauty and the beast…
At last I bring to you, all that is ME..
I sure hope you will excuse the snide remarks made by my alter ego…who, not unlike me has little better to do

[WARNING: Investment of your time in this blog is subject to risks of becoming like the author. Please read the inscription in italics at top of the page carefully before investing.