Friday, October 14, 2011

This time next year

This time next year I want a feeling

Of plenitude and abundance,

Of a lack of monetary concerns,

And the trust in fate and chance.

This time next year I want to be

In a position of certain authority,

More learned than I ever was

And recognized by a majority.

This time next year I need to have

A bond far greater than friendship,

A red-golden hue of the world in my mind,

To look forward to a honeyed trip.

This time next year I must really give

A calmer mind to those who care,

About the future that I haven’t seen,

I must assure them that it’s there.

This time next year I’ll have many a dreams,

And many a rhyme shall float quietly by,

Many a lesson to learn and teach,

Many a twisted routes to fly.

This time next year I’ll look back to now,

When so very little I knew of tomorrow,

And wonder at the wonders of heaven,

That showed me all the paths to follow.

Yet till then, I stand and wait,

Staring at the sky with little fear,

Lost in brightly coloured yesterdays,

And in the thoughts of this time next year..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nocturnal deviation

The Reality

A strange part of the day, hangover from a jetlag that never was

The body’s lost the insomnia, but the mind’s hooked on to the midnight calm,

Magical alternate realities culminating from a light breeze

True love from a million yesterdays crop up with ease

Fruitless analysis of the events that have long passed me by

Disappear into the fragrant breeze that leaves me high

Contorted thoughts of love and life starts to form in my heart

Right out of a cheap novel’s most ludicrous part

Endless possibilities make my being more and more fragile

As I lose myself in the everlasting mile.


I think I see you there asleep in the cold

Wrapped in warm monochrome blankets and wisdom old

And soon you disappear with the blink of my eye

And a thousand colours seem to float by

I steady myself in that distant dream

And find myself running from that paramour extreme

Holding the pieces of a melting heart

That some mythical hero had taken apart

I crash into the good thoughts of the honourable one

And stay trapped for eternity, can never run

Living life backwards and facing the past

Is not something that I can stand to last

A foray back into an altered state

A yearning of the smells of a strange kind of sin

Comes together with the need to lose all on a whim

Till the heat of the liquid has burnt my soul

I shall crawl back to where I always fall

Disturbed by the thought, that the rhyme creates

I metamorphose each second through numerous states

And then I try to end my midnight rant

I wish I could but I just can’t ……….

Friday, April 22, 2011

The light of good times

It's been a while, but the lights don't fade,

Memories refreshing as orange lemonade,

The arc lights, the stage, the awful soundchecks;

And one riff on the guitar is all it takes.

The melodies of when I was young,

Idealistic, perfect, like a beautiful song,

Endless happy dreams of far tomorrows,

The tomorrows that are today...

It's been some time since the wind swept through my hair

End of stressful work days in nights of careful repair,

Drowning in a symphony of alcohol and smoke,

Forgetting the cares of life with each silly joke

Surrounded by friends, come whatever may,

Waking up looking forward to each new day

Through the learnings of youth was a beautiful respite,

That made each trial worthwhile

Seems just like yesterday when we sat in that room,

Laughing and screaming in those hot days in june,

Sharing and swearing as the bottles were drained,

In a brotherhood of love, we were all ordained,

Time flew by each time we met,

A phase when we knew not what would happen next,

The shadow of that time still keep me warm,

It makes me stay alive

Today we sit so far away, you and me,

Smiling at our beautiful destiny,

Reminiscing the times that led us here,

The trivial things that we hold so dear,

Trying to hold steady as reality hits,

While we try to keep together our wounded wits,

We take strength together from what we've both known,

And move forward to a new tomorrow..