Sunday, July 26, 2009

It'll be morning soon

If you're tired of the tirade, screaming to leave
Don't fret,
It'll be morning soon and I'll be gone
If you're bored beyond measure, longing for spice
Don't distress yourself,
It'll be morning soon and I'll be gone
If you fear my insanity like a ghostly mirage
Don't cower,
It'll be morning soon and I'll be gone
If you're looking for greener pastures, in lands far off
Be patient a bit,
It'll be morning soon and I'll be gone

A bird of the deepest night
On which few may lay sight
I love with an intense might
Fearing neither wrong nor right

Tomorrow's a different day and you may realise
But alas, my love
It'll be morning soon and I'll be gone,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loveless, Lossless, Unfeeling

I had a very strange day today.I just felt entirely neutral. Not happy, not sad, not worried, emotional, crazy... just existentialist.
I didnt have a single extreme emotion throughout the day, except at one single point, when I felt like giving someone I knew had suffered a big loss, a huge hug. But that's all. The only extreme emotion...

If I feel like this all the time, all immune to pain, will I like it. Or is too much of a good thing dangerous?

For the first time in days, I have not felt that bitterness, that longing, that unfairness in my life that I've been feeling every waking hour of the day.

I like it. Today. Just realising that time rolls on... Realising action and its consequence... How we all move about in this karmic circle...
And watching pleasantly as life moves on.... watching in third person...

Guess the eclipse did cause an upheaval of sorts...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishes in the rain!

Looking out of the window,
Skies in shades of black and white
Dressed for the mundane
While the heart longs for respite
Drops of incessant rain
Washing away those tears
Opening a hundred possibilities
Revealing a thousand fears..

Just another work day. The sky is unleashing a fury and little can stand in it's way. When I look out of the window, I see so many shades of nature. The just formed muddy lakes where fields were, colorful plastic umbrellas and rain gear, a hundred shades of green and so much more. Then a million sounds- of children splashing water as they step deliberately into the numerous puddles, the pitter patter of the rain drops, the sizzle of oil in the kadhai( I smell pakoras ;)), a stray shaking off water from its coat, the frogs, the birds. oh I could go on and on!

And then the very thought of returning to the mundanity of work- absolute torture. It's almost a sin to sit in artificial light, in front of the PC screen while day changes to night and nature unleashes bounties and curses on all that is seen and unseen..

I long to just sit curled under a blanket with a friend or two, while the wind makes the rain drops whizz past the open window and talk and talk..Talk about life and love and a hundred philosophies and another hundred whacky business plans. All, over cups of hot hot coffee and salty snacks..

And then maybe run out into the open, jump about, splash about, relive childhood and perhaps a little bit of the frivolity of adolescence. Then return indoors drenched and queue up for a hot bath. After which we return to the warm comfort of the blankets..

“When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.”

Elizabeth Bowen

Perhaps it's love that makes me wish, A perhaps that is almost certain -- Love, for everything around, for mother earth, and for the another..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins

Guilty as charged, jurors
Guilty of all that's been said of me
Guilty of being human
Guilty and free
Committing each crime with deadly precision
And breaking down my soul
Each sin named and unnamed
The pain of each, the devil's toll

Greed it is that leads us in
To experience all of life
To see what must be seen
All glory and strife
Greed it is I feel
When there's some more love I want
An insatiable need
A spectre that does haunt

Gluttony is a hunger
That I feel when I need you
It's an appetite for destruction
Incarceration true
It's not starvation that drives me insane
But a desperate need to feed
The visions of the divine fruit
That together we must eat

Lust is but a development
A rendition of the times
Of the complexity of the feelings
The music in the rhymes
The intensity of a tender touch
That ignites passion's fire
The indestructible flame
Burning by a funeral pyre

And out of the fire rises Envy
Like a menace in the night
And looms like the stormy clouds of fate
As the earth puts up a fight
That wants every single moment
Of every waking hour
Not letting even little go by
Making me aware of its power

Then the Wrath at utter failiure
A volcanic explosion great
That implodes to burn the insides
As it shatters a prolonged wait
As blood and tears do mingle
Into a rotten blend
A concoction of inner misery
And to a painful end

Out of the ashes Pride rises
To restore some broken remnants
To salvage through the fields of green
And find its hidden tenants
A sense of self and earthly wisdom
That got lost in the course of love
A soul far badly damaged
The few blessings from above

And finally settles acedia
Discouragement defined
A resignation to destiny
And another startling rewind
No efforts to make any difference
Another time around
Just a knowledge that no sin can defeat
This love so perfectly profound!