Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


There you are,
looking down on me.
That smile on your face;
Sometimes of love,
sometimes derision.
At others merely a tiny grimace...
Dress me in light
when my life is darkness;
Or just light up each precious moment,
What a connection I have with you,
Untold, unexplained.
Linked with just a name
Distant, yet close
Steeped in meaning,
drenched in enthusiasm,
In a thought-free chasm.
No expectations, no fear of failure
of what we have
No regret either,
This bond so rare
Forever following,
Or perhaps you chain me to you..
Never judging,
my fallacies,
the evils in me
that you so clearly see.
Just a smile.
Oh that smile!
It keeps me through the sun-bleached days
and takes me through night's calm infinity...

[Chandreyee meaning: The Bengali Hindu female name "Chandreyee" literally translates as "one who is as beautiful and brilliant as the moon on a full moon night". The word is derived from the Sanskrit word "Chand" meaning "moon".
(Mythology): Chandreyee is the the daughter of Soma the moon God in the Mahabharata]

Monday, May 10, 2010

I thought i found my fairytale
But thats just a story ryt
I thought i had my forever
But its just a matter of time
I thought i found the perfect match
Till he lit me up in smoke
I thought that he was so much fun
Till he laughed me off as a joke
I thought i had found all i'd want
Till i lost it in my fears
I thought that love would keep me alive
Till i drowned in my own tears

The Technicolor phase

I am the red in the rose, the flowers
on the blankets on your bedroom floor.
And I am the gray in the ghost that hides
with your clothes behind your closet door.

I am the green in the grass that bends back
from underneath your feet.
And I am the blue in your back alley view
where the horizon and the rooftops meet.

If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors
of the evening stars.
You can go anywhere you wish cause I'll be there, wherever you are.
(wherever you are) 2x

(I will always be your keys
when we are lost in the technicolor phase)

The black in the book
the letters on the pages that you memorize.
And I am the orange in the overcast
of color that you visualize.

I am the white in the walls that soak up
all the sound when you cannot sleep.
And I am the peach in the starfish on the beach
that wish the harbor wasn't quite so deep.

If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors
of the evening stars. (my darling)
You can go anywhere you wish cause
I'll be there, wherever you are. (my darling)

I love color. Everything in life has its own color – bright and dark and so many shades. I found this song by Owl city from the eternally colorful Alice in Wonderland soundtrack the pure definition of the love for colors….. or maybe it’s just the perfect definition of the color of my love !

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