Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A rhyme of contradictions

Every time I think I mustn't ponder any more,
Fight the demons, and win the war
Each time somewhere the conscious breaks,
And goes out on a tangent.
Each time I think I will not try,
To reach the sky and learn to fly,
The bitter resolve just fades away,
And I am far from content.

Every instance of the plural,
Makes my mind just flip and whirl,
While slowly my life depletes to none,
And the abstruse comes a-calling,
The sounds of love bring me to real,
And I suddenly start to feel,
The deepest thoughts just cannot hold,
While I just keep on falling..

The inconclusive broken path,
That I traverse with the coldest heart,
Just breaks into a song of old,
And dances like amourous breathing.
There seems like nothing ever changed,
And I end up some more deranged,
The seasons just go floating past,
Like my transformations' unceasing.


Destiny must come to rule,
Another day, another fool,
Loathing reason in every way,
She just smiles and comes to play,
Caught up in a desperate run,
All she wants is a little fun,
All conflicting she must leave,
As these stories she does weave,
Taking lives along the way,
We can have but little say,
Promises experience,
While we walk in wilful trance..