Thursday, January 9, 2014

The guy from yesterday

He's bold like the rebel from the 70s,
He's all prim and proper within,
He dazzles when the world's the audience,
He moves like original sin.

His words are enamel-coated,
Not a syllable out of place,
There isn't a style he can't pull off,
Not a situation he can't ace

All the pretty things line up
Each time he does his thing,
With the menacing grace of a Mustang,
He gets his way without the bling

He's passion brewed with self-confidence,
And just a hint of smooth,
He's every good thing from the past,
With a tiny sliver of rude

He'll make you go weak in the knees,
He'll always have his way,
He couldn't be more perfect if he tried,

My guy from yesterday.

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