Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Fighter

You think she is weak, but that's okay,
You will go through tomorrow, what she went through today,
The rough consequences of you going away,
Will come back and kill you, when she goes astray.

She will be a fighter all through the way,
The one that fought to keep you, sure knows how to play,
She knows you're not wrong, but she'll know come what may,
If you're not fighting to keep her yet another day.

She fill your life with warmth like sunny Sunday,
She will hold you and love you and beg you to stay,
But don't leave her alone for a minute, I pray,
'Coz she will leave you forever, and then make you pay.

No one in the universe can give you so much,
And make you thank your stars with every tiny touch,
You will know quite easy, when it's falling apart,
And nothing you'll do will fill the void in your heart. 

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